Linus Wördemann. I have no idea who he is but I just think he's a handsome young man

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this family of ginger brothers needs an epic plot line because I'm in love with all of them- this is Levi

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Also, here’s another cool thing about redhead men: Beach hair was basically made for them. | For Everyone Who Has A "Thing" For Redhead Men

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“Gingerphobia” is a fear of redheads. “Gingerism” is the bullying or prejudice of redheads.i.

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Hey I'm Kai , im in the 3rd (second to last group) along with the nerd to his tough guy, we get along well enough on our own and have known eachother for years, I consider him my brother. Even though my head is almost always stuck in a book don't let that fool you im a fast and agile fighter my weapon of choice is a shortsword or throwing stars, im 17 and part of my job is prying the girls off of David , I guess his dark broodiness attracts quite a few females *chuckles*

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Clavelina 29 via Frances Simmerano Duke onto Personas pelirrojas y pecosas

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