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Once You See These Rare Historical Photos, You’ll Never Forget Them, Especially #14. Wow.

Early 1900s: California lumberjacks cutting down Redwoods by hand. They had no knowledge or appreciation of the age of these giants - thousands of years.


Twelve men stood shoulder-to-shoulder to span a redwood stump in this historic photo from Pacific Lumber Co. (AP) Scotia, CA Digital Edition


Kit includes everything but the lumber: 8 Raised bed brackets, netting for fencing and trellis, all required hardware and detailed instructions. Buy your own rough lumber locally (cedar or redwood) - see below for list of lumber required.Gated garden ...


Potting Benches to made of Cedar or Redwood lumber to fit any landscape design, standard or custom styles and sizes. A higher level of gardening, Landscape, Design, Home & Garden, Outdoor Entertainment, Gardening, Organic, Raised Gardens, Garden Tables, Lumber, Woodwork, Craftsmanship, Custom Design and Woodwork

How to build an Awesome Sidewalk with recycled lumber for only $50.00

Sidewalk made from recycled redwood lumber. It does not shrink and expand like cement would which causes cracks. Wood also warms up more quickly in the winter helping to melt off snow and ice.


Around 1890, loggers chopped down a coast redwood near Eureka, Calif., creating one of the world's largest stumps: 32.5 feet wide at chest height, probably 2,000 years old, a base for a tree that may have topped 400 feet.


Redwood lumber with termite damage [1024×479]