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Brexit : The Economic Implications - findings from the research team at Capital Economics

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Scotland In Vogue Through The Years

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David Cameron Blames Populism For His Downfall, Voters Suggest Some Entirely Different Reasons

'Populism Cost Me My Job', Says David Cameron In Speech To US Students | The Huffington Post

Its sad when you read it from down up :(<<<<< *is okay with this until reads that* GAHHH YOU HOW COULD YOU MAKE ME DO RTHTHAT?!

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"As the Father knoweth Me, even so know I the Father; and I lay down My life for…

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Nicola Sturgeon ditches call for a second referendum to keep Scotland in EU - Business Insider UK

Theresa May to side with Eurosceptics in major Brexit speech revealing what she wants from negotiations -

In June, when UK voters decided to leave the European Union in the "Brexit" referendum, the U.S. press told the American people that the UK economy would suffer greatly as a result. Moody's economist and max Hillary Clinton contributor Mark Zandi predicted that it would be "going down the rabbit hole." At CBS News, Mellody Hobson said that "they're acting as if a recession is a foregone conclusion." It's one thing to predict a disaster that doesn&#39...