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Here are new additions to The Best Sites For Learning About World Refugee Day: Passport, lifejacket, lemons: what Syrian refugees pack for the crossing to Europe is from The Guardian. The Global Re...

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"What are Human Rights?" Lessons for Kids

I really enjoy this poster as it encourages students to not discriminate people, showing that we ultimately hold the responsibility to respect the rights of others. I would use this poster as an entry point for students to look at current issues, such as #BlackLivesMatter, and see the unethical and immoral acts people partake in when in the possession of power.

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The Asylum Seeker debate is raging in Australia right now. I'm ashamed at the way this country treats refugees and asylum seekers.

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Syrian refugees are looking to the international community for help as a last resource. No matter their race, religion, or economic circumstance, these refugees are people just like you and me and should be treated with the dignity that they were denied in their home country,

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