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Form I-131 should be filed for advance parole. Generally, if you are seeking immigrant status like a green card, it is important to have all the documents in order, especially if you are going to travel abroad, before getting the green card on hand. If that is the case, one has to apply for a reentry permit, refugee travel document or advance parole travel document. If the application for advance parole is accepted, you may be able to travel and enter the U.S.

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Instructions for Application for Travel Document: (1) Reentry Permit for those needing readmission into the US; (2) Refugee Travel Document; (3) Advance Parole Document (for those who need to leave the US for a specific 'urgent humanitarian reasons', but intend to return within 1 year).

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Refugee Travel Document This looks really good -

4 Innovations That Could Turn Refugees From Burdens Into Assets—And Save Lives

The Refugee Studies Center's Alexander Betts thinks that simple changessuch as giving refugees travel documents and matching their jobs with the needs...

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#tlot #union #occupy #p2 #Syriac #FSA #Kurd #Baloch Jordan: Syrian refugees hope for a better future Thousands of refugees have fled to Jordan to escape the Syrian conflict. Many have endured heartbreaking ordeals in Syria—only to face more struggles as refugees in Jordan. Resettlement can be a lifeline for these refugees. A cooperative effort...

Saving the Jews of Nazi France. As Jews in France tried to flee the Nazi occupation, Harry Bingham, an American diplomat, sped them to safety. Harry Bingham in Marseille. In just ten months, Bingham (in Marseille) provided aid, including travel documents, to some 2,500 Jewish refugees, thereby effectively ending his career.

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Travel document issued by the International Refugee Organization in Shanghai, 1949 Document issued to a Jewish refugee who had escaped to China before World War II. The IRO was an agency set up by the United Nations in 1946 to deal with the refugee problem created by the war. Issued on 9 December 1949

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Travel document issued by the International Red Cross Committee in Rome, 1948 Document issued by another of the organizations which helped refugees and Holocaust survivors on 3 September 1948.

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The No 1 frustration for refugees on Lesbos is the chaotic way you get your travel documents. Real source of tension.

Not just demand answers from Clinton, but demand answers from Obama, why is U.S. Giving 1,519 persons Engaged in Terrorism Residency Asylum under the guise of "While Under Duress" need? What is up?

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