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Syrian Refugees: The not so fun Facts Infographic. The Syrian War now enters its 4th year. Millions of Syrians have been displaced, ½ of whom are children left without proper schooling. If the situation does not improve dramatically, Syria risks ending up with a generation disengaged from education & learning. | infographic | Dubai


Refugees and asylum seekers: Time To Flee activity - Get pupils to reflect and answer questions about how they would feel if they were a refugee.


Open hearts build a world worth living in. If the current refugee crisis disturbs you & you want to contribute, there are many, many worthy organizations that will happily accept your donations. I've linked to MSF as they have been pulling people from the water for years & they are up & running in this particular crisis. Feel free to add links in the comments to other organizations helping refugees. Please help. Let's be part of building a better world.


An Englishman nails it. “There was only one time in American history when the fear of refugees wiping everyone out did actually come true, and we'll all be sitting around a table on Thursday celebrating it." Thanksgiving, John Oliver


War in Syria  This isn’t just “War in Syria”. This is the mass exodus of people from Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus that has been under siege by the Assad government and military since 2013. Yarmouk, where ISIS is now trying to make theirs. That is the victim of barrel bombs launched by a brutal regime. Fuck you and your war porn. Taking a picture of thousands of people fleeing their homes and haphazardly describing it as “war in Syria”


The Asylum Seeker debate is raging in Australia right now. I'm ashamed at the way this country treats refugees and asylum seekers.


Eowyn's Surcoat: It has a rounded neck with the neckline gathering slightly under the neck binding. There is gold thread around the neck binding as well. The sleeves are lined in light blue. Blue cord binds the upper arms. The skirt of this costume is split in two up the front. The brown jumper is sleeveless, has brown piping around the neck, a seam up the back, no seam up the front . The side is scalloped and laced. She wears brown leggings underneath and the travel boots.


Steve McCurry's fantastic shot of a girl in Peshawar, Pakistan. Known from one of the most famous covers of National Graphic.


40 Ways to Help Refugees in Your Community | Mormon Channel. This could be incorporated into the service challenge we are giving to the youth for the remainder of the year. Also ties into the lesson "What is the Lord's way for providing for the poor and needy?"