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In Defense of Obama

Truth be told... We have to vote for those who can assure that the "common good" is served as per the Constitution's preamble to "Promote the general welfare and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity...".


today in the continued saga of me procrastinating by doodling in the heights babs which i may or may not colour properly at some point before nina registered half the block to vote, she read half the block harry potter (nina was initially just reading to sonny but people just kept stopping to listen, benny passed by like five times to keep hearing more whilst pretending he’s too cool for a kids book)


A photograph of African Americans lined up in the sun to register to vote in Somerville in 1960. The Fayette County registrar's office was open one day a week with only one person working. Blacks would stand in line for hours in the hot summer sun. A court settlement in 1962 kept anyone from interfering with blacks registering to vote. Memphis Commercial Appeal, Special Collections, University of Memphis, Courtesy of the Tennessee Historical Society


All 900,135 registered voters in Cuyahoga, Ohio voted in 2012 election. All of them and All voted for Obama!!!!!!!Red flag anyone? The stench is only going to get worse as we uncover more VoterFraud,,,,googled this & found different numbers (236,478 for Obama) but Romney would have won Ohio w/out Cuyahoga County (east Cleveland)......numbers still seem too high for O.....good place for a recount imo


SELMA, Ala.—Martin Luther King Jr. leads the historic Selma March to Montgomery, 1965. © Bob Adelman / Magnum Photos


And you must provide PROOF of Citizenship to register in the first place (birth certificate, naturalization papers, etc.)


He's absolutely right. ~ Of course he is and we need to register and vote BOTH in 2014 and 2016 to elect Dem into office to represent us locally and nationally! DO NOT LET ANYONE TAKE THAT RIGHT AWAY FROM YOU!


These Senators blocked a bill this week that would have allowed students to refinance at a lower rate. FIRE THEM THIS NOVEMBER! Although to do so, you must register to vote! -- June 14, 2014