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Away on holiday for the General Election on 7 May? If you want to vote by post at the 2015 UK general election, you must submit a postal vote application form by 5pm on Tuesday 21 April. Anyone who is individually registered can apply for a postal vote. You do not need a reason to vote by post. You can download a the form to apply to vote by post here:

Are you registered to vote? A NI election looks likely. Equal marriage & other rights issues are at stake. #ae17

Make yourself count - register to vote before 20 April for the #GE2015

Record-breaking day sees 470k register to vote online

Don't forget to #RegisterToVote for the #GE2015 before 20 April


Are you registered to vote? Make sure your voice can be heard. Make sure you are able to exercise your right to vote.

Google simplifies voter registration process - CNET Google helps you figure out how to register to vote in the upcoming elections. Google Google wants to help you register to vote. Starting Monday Google is releasing a new feature in its Search tool to help you figure out how to register to vote. By simply searching how to register to vote or something similar Google will provide a detailed state-by-state guide with deadlines general…

Don't miss out - you have until 20 April to ‪#‎RegisterToVote‬

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NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech by Trevor Pott | interesting article on the NSA privacy scandal