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Penguin Language: Build a Language Igloo

Winter speech therapy! Build language igloos while practicing "Wh"-questions, regular and irregular past tense verbs, antonyms and synonyms, as well as multiple meaning words and homophones.

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ESL Verbs (English as a Second Language)

A guide to accompany a course covering English as a Second Language. This 4-page guide includes: English verbs, past tense of regular verbs, verb tenses & conjugation, conditional sentences, expressing preference, polite requests, active form/passive form, phrasal verbs & wishes, and some irregular verbs! #ESL #ELL #EnglishAsSecondLanguage #teaching #teachers #classrooms #English #schools #commoncore

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5 tips to learn any language easily

French Conjugation Present Tense Regular Verbs Common verbs Full conjugation Learn French infographic

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Japanese Sign language. Photo- Deafjapan/ American sign language / Universal Deaf Cultural challenges

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