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Maximum legally permissible strength of velocity for forward progress... 30

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Traffic Safety & Equipment Co. Regulatory signs

MUTCD Traffic Signs - high resolution traffic signs ready to print... great for lessons

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Greco Design. Their solution: “We developed the concept of “projection” for the signage system project. The use of pictograms folded off the walls could encourage the scholars and visitors to see them from a wide angle and learn where they were and/or how to get where they wanted to go. This idea carries the concept “always look forward and keep an edgy perspective”. (via Fabrizio Piccolini)

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Regulatory Sign at the Crocker Art Museum: "The First Floor is food and drink friendly. The Second and Third Floors are just friendly."

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Fine Motor Sign in Systems

Pre-K / Beginning of year Kindergarten sign-in system - Students trace their name to "sign-in" as they arrive to class. Later in the year, they will write it themselves to sign-in each day. Quick way to see who's here and it give them practice writing their name everyday!

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PLEASE HELP THE CHRONIC PAIN COMMUNITY!!! NO ONE IS SIGNING! SIGN THIS PETITION URGING PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP TO STOP THE REGULATORY ASSAULT ON KRATOM! My fear is that complacency will not get us anywhere near the 140,000 sigs we collected for the White House petition. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG! There is NO room for complacency. We are a long, long way off from winning this thing. A very long way (and that does NOT mean we have a long time, it means we have many battles yet to fight).

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No Turns Signs -