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You know they had to put this on a sign because some jackass sharpied some poor sucker asleep in a library during exam week.


Greco Design. Their solution: “We developed the concept of “projection” for the signage system project. The use of pictograms folded off the walls could encourage the scholars and visitors to see them from a wide angle and learn where they were and/or how to get where they wanted to go. This idea carries the concept “always look forward and keep an edgy perspective”. (via Fabrizio Piccolini)

from The Home Depot

Regulatory Signs - Slow Children Reflectorized, Black And Yellow

Lynch Sign Co. - Regulatory Signs-Slow Children Reflectorized - Get drivers to slow down with this sign, featuring a large design with a bright yellow background to ensure it gets noticed.

from RainbowsWithinReach

Fine Motor Sign in Systems

Pre-K / Beginning of year Kindergarten sign-in system - Students trace their name to "sign-in" as they arrive to class. Later in the year, they will write it themselves to sign-in each day. Quick way to see who's here and it give them practice writing their name everyday!


Regulatory Sign at the Crocker Art Museum: "The First Floor is food and drink friendly. The Second and Third Floors are just friendly."


Antitrust concerns have delayed regulatory approval of Group Danone’s proposed acquisition of WhiteWave. Learn more and sign the petition asking the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to scrutinize the proposal on our website.


Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said Wednesday that Congress must get involved and implement new rules - DEMAND Congress: Give Regulatory Agencies Enough Funding to do Their Jobs NOW! Please Sign & Share Widely!