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Relationship Goals Examples

How true! My hubby & I were drawn to each other but didn't speak till months later but from the day we officially met it took 5 dates for him to ask me to be his gf which was one week later, & a week after that he said I Love U too me<3 now 12 years later were married with a son, he tells me now from the minute I saw u I knew I would marry u, sometimes it's just meant to be:) & the fact that it felt from that first day like we had known each other forever is priceless...

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Couple Of 73 Years Shares Advice On How They Make It Work

Couple of 73 Years Shares Advice On How They Make It Work..... They site friendship as the foundation of their relationship.

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I'm a big fan of shorter white dresses for engagement sessions! It gives a nod toward the upcoming wedding, and white is a great neutral color to compliment just about anything that he can wear.

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38 Examples of Beyonce and Jay Z Being Perfect Together

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Perfect couples do exist…

I think the one about the kids doing things they disapprove of needs to be reworded a bit - expressing their individuality, striving toward goals/passions - otherwise it doesn't sound like good parenting. Everything else is AWESOME though.

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Stay focused on your goals, your peace, and happiness. Don't waste your time on anything that doesn't contribute to your growth.

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Why Guys Should Be Taking Notes From Thomas Rhett Akins

This is what love,marriage and partnership look like. It shouldn't be something less than or certainly nothing to fix before it starts. I think young people need more examples of what love and a real relationship looks like.

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32 Awesome Old Couples Who Prove That Age Is Just A Number

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