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Why I Relay For Life board. This would be a great interactive board for anyone and everyone to write on. What I need for this: Black board, sharpies, baggie for the sharpies


it would be neat to use a fish bowl like this at our site and each time a team member goes around the track they drop a pebble in the tank. we could take pledges for miles our team collects and they could pay online after the event till it closes on the 31st of the month.


You’re fundraising for Relay for Life because you’re passionate about raising money for the American Cancer Society and its research. You want to honor and remember those who lost their battle with cancer and support those who are still fighting. You believe in the cause, and you’re ready to dive into the fundraising process head-first. We’re here to help. At Rada Mfg. Co. we believe in the Relay for Life cause, and we’ve seen the passion of the people involved. Each year we help over…