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Relief Geography

from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

How to Make a Salt Dough Map

Easy and fun to make, salt dough maps are a great visual aid for learning the geography of a country and a fun, hands-on tool for making history come alive.


Cut, color, glue and play! These landform picture and definition cards can be used as a learning center, as a matching game, or as a study guide. Students match each landform picture with its definition. They can also color the pictures and glue them into their notebook, or onto construction paper.

from Good Life Eats

Children's Books for the Georgraphy Buff

If You Lived Here. This book is a great way for children to be able to see how/where different people live around the world. It gives them a different perspective of housing in other cultures/countries/places.


16th may 2016 : [83/100 days of productivity] taken from my ig: @study.relief // i’m done w/ 12/14 exams and i’m finished w/ HL Geography forever! the papers today were alright however i did the ultimate crime and i may have accidentally missed a...


Here's a great idea for making models of Roman roads and a salt dough map of Italy. Includes step-by-step directions for building the road so that all layers can be seen.


16th may 2016 : [83/100 days of productivity] taken from my ig: @study.relief // finished one of three geography HL papers and in total, 10/14 papers!! i’m so close to finishing ! the exam was mediocre today and i could’ve been more confident...


13th april 2016 :[53/100 days of productivity]taken from my ig: @study.relief // we finished the syllabus for HL Geography today ~ it’s been a long yet interesting 2 years! all that’s left now is my option test tomorrow and a week-ish of revision and then i just have take the exam!  +black pen / highlighter / paper  ✨✨