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Depending on what book you read, Amanikabli (Amanikable or Aman Ikabli in other sources) could either be the ancient Tagalog patron of hunters or god of the sea. In the books Barangay by William Henry Scott and the 1936 Encyclopedia of the Philippines by Zoilo Galang, Amanikabli was identified as the Tagalog anito of hunters who rewarded his worshipers with a good game.

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Alunsina (Philippines) - regarded as the goddess of the eastern skies that brings in the light of the sun and cool winds during hot days of the dry season; she is also the guardian against strong typhoons and of beauty.

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In the Philippines, 160 inmates escaped, while in Bahrain 10 escaped when their compatriots launched violent assaults on the jails where they were held.

Praying for our brothers in the Philippines and for all the people there. May Jehovah help them as they try to put their lives back together. Our brothers are right there helping feed, comfort and house the people, as always during natural disasters♥

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Anggitay- Philippine myth: female centaurs. Sometimes, they are illustrated to have a single horn in the middle of their forehead just like a unicorn. They were usually said to be attracted to precious gemstones, and jewelries.

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Here's a Rich Treasure Trove of Philippines Legends and Myths

Duwende - These are small creatures, much like goblins or dwarfs, living underground. They may be kind or mischievous, depending on how the person has treated them, and like to be left alone. Filipinos believe that uttering "tabi-tabi po" before entering suspected Duwende territories, will not disturb them. #Philippines #legend

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