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Remain Definition

14 years since it was first published, CrossFit's definition of fitness remains the most comprehensive and accurate.

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GUC Sookie Stackhouse Novels 5-8, 10-13, &Epiloque

GUC Sookie Stackhouse Novels 5-8, 10-13, &Epiloque This bundle includes the following: -Dead As a Doornail (Book 5 paperback) -Definitely Dead (Book 6 paperback) -All Together Dead (Book 7 paperback) -From Dead to Worse (Book 8 paperback) -Dead in the Family (Book 10 hardback) -Dead Reckoning (Book 11 hardback) -Deadlocked (Book 12 hardback) -Dead Ever After (Book 13 paperback) -After Dead (Epilogue) They all show signs of wear from reading them; however, the remain in good condition…

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Community Post: 8 Words That Express Something You Couldn't

What a beautiful word More

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Loft Colorblock Flats

Loft Colorblock Flats These flats have been gently lived in. They were only worn a few times and remain in great condition with minor sign of wear. They are comfortable and definitely have a "wow!" Factor. LOFT Shoes Flats & Loafers

It's definitely tough outside, but as long as we remain persistent on a consistent basis, those tough times have no choice but to move out of the way.


If two past lovers can remain friends, either they never were in love or they still are. ♥Manhattan Girl


I carved these feathers from five little scraps just about a year ago, and they remain a favorite. It's funny because the larger project that created the scraps didn't even really work out, but these guys are definitely still around. 💙 I thought I'd thrown in some fun colors in addition to the tan I usually use!

The homeless, the drug addict, the metal thief, the graffiti vagabond – these become our sisters and brothers in a self-imposed exile. To find a new home, we claim the ones that were once called by that name, reappropriating not only the structure itself but their own personal histories as well. In an almost carnevalesque manner, they become sites of our own search for context, meaning and definition. These homes become grotesquely revitalized, but remain within their own reality. In turn…

Available in all the sizes, styles and colors we bring diversity in #Islamic_clothing# be it #abayas, _jalabiya# or any dress you want to buy. Our designers aim to give a new definition to trend such that the basis of Islamic clothing remains unaltered and still you can choose for the trending styles in the same