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Remember The Titans Summary

Attack on Titan - I really don't like how people assume that he's 34. I was informed that his age was never specified in the manga or anime.


MNEMOSYNE Museum Collection: Antakya Museum, Antakya, Turkey Catalogue Number: TBA Type: Mosaic Context: Antioch, House of Mnemosyne Date: C2nd - C3rd AD Period: Imperial Roman SUMMARY The goddess Mnemosyne (memory personified) places her hand on the back of a man's head, symbolically aiding his memory. The figures are in a banquet scene.


On May 7, 1992, Space Shuttle Endeavour roared aloft on her maiden voyage. The crew of Endeavour's STS-49 mission captured and repaired Intelsat VI, which had been stranded in an unusable orbit since its launch aboard a Titan vehicle in March 1990. Over the course of 3 spacewalks, the satellite was equipped with a new perigee kick motor and released into orbit. When its new motor fired, the satellite was placed into a geosynchronous orbit. (click through to learn more)


Ares battling the giant Mimon | Greek vase Signed by Aristophanes Date: ca 410 - 400 BC Period: Classical SUMMARY Detail of Ares battling the Gigante Mimon from a painting of the Gigantomakhia (War of the Giants). The god strikes down the beardless giant with his sword. both combatants bear serpent-decorated shields.

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The Original Nancy Drew Mysteries

9. The Sign of Twisted CandlesThe Sign of Twisted Candles incorporates a misappropriated inheritance, a hidden identity, and an unforgettable ladder scene as another mystery falls into the lap of the young Ms. Drew. Read more: Original Nancy Drew Books in Order - Summary of Nancy Drew Mysteries - Country Living