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Cinéma : USA présente son nouveau drama : Mr. Robot avec Christian Slater | ACTUALITÉ | BreaGeeK News

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(Closed rp) After everything that had happened back at the lodge, we had all been rescued. We were also asked questions and interrogated about what happened. I managed to give them answers without losing it. But the thing was. I was losing it. I blamed myself for my sisters deaths and their voices were constantly in my head, driving me insane. Not only that but I saw them, mocking me and taunting me and they wouldn't shut up. I was clutching the sides of my head, yelling at them to go away…

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Rami Malek - American/Egyptian Sex-GOD! He is in: Night At The Museum 2, The Pacific, Larry Crowne, Alcatraz, and in the next Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie. Check out Mr. Robot on USA

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