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Ultraculture, Episode 8: E. Elias Merhige on Magick, Hermeticism and Art as Shamanism In the latest episode of the Ultraculture podcast, director E. Elias Merhige discusses how magick, shamanism, the Hermetic tradition and remote viewing have influenced his work. Merhige created the infamous and incredibly influential 1990 film Begotten, which depicts an elaborate ritualistic process …


DEADLY NIGHTSHADE OIL: (Atropa belladonna) SABBAT VISIONARY CONSECRATIONS Deadly Nightshade takes you into the darkness of the Underworld to rediscover the GrandMother and GrandFather Ancestors who wait there to teach and guide us. Belladonna has the mercurial ability to activate astral journeys, scrying (remote viewing techniques) and clairvoyance...instilling a skill for the visionary arts. Belladonna is one of the most traditional Witches’ herbs’ under the feminine guardianship of Saturn…

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Blue and Purple Male Dragon ~ Highly Magickal

Dragon Blue and Purple Male Dragon Highly Magickal by MamiesRose Up for your consideration is a male Blue and Purple dragon..He is psychic and gives accurate psychic information. His gifts are listed below:   Psychic abilities  Wish granting  Protection  Abundance Prophetic dreams  Telepathy   Astral Projection  Remote Viewing  Manifestation  Magick casting  Draconic Magick  Healing  Reading minds

This is my favorite web site. All the most current information on cryptozoology, ufology, technology and occult related information can be found here.

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underherblackwings (triple goddess ultra remote viewing slide capture) - Digital Photo Manipulation/Photo Print

underherblackwings triple goddess ultra by CorbijnHughesArtist, $45.00

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