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6 Moves That Target Stubborn Cellulite

First summer I've noticed the horrific little demples on my legs! Better get a head start!

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Removing Sharpie- when the hell did teachers start giving kids permanent markers to color with in school?!?!?!

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I'd like to remove the carpet on my front stairs. Don't know why I hadn't thought of this idea before: TILE on the risers! Still deciding if I like this particular combination, but I definitely like the idea of tile. Now to find the "right" tile.

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Easiest way to remove wallpaper ever! 1/3 cup white vinegar, 4 cups water, scraper and 5 mins! "Oh My Goodness, I JUST finished my 1/2 bath using this technique...(didn't measure)... I can't say enough about how easy it was! Forget the steamer!!!!! WOW! Thanks to the girl who first posted this idea!"

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In the 1800s, a beard was considered a sign that you were a lunatic or heretic. A man named Joseph Palmer loved his beard so much that he endured being attacked by men with sharp objects who tried to forcibly remove his facial hair and was put in...

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Wish I'd known this when Courtney borrowed Mandy's Prada bag and a pen leaked all over it!!!

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Harris Sisters GirlTalk: Practical Snow Day Tip - How to Remove Ice from Steps and Walkways Without Salt

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