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$3,500 Rewards Offered in Case of Dog Skinned Alive ~"THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!!"~ /(>.<)\

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Animals are living beings, not objects. Change the law in Japan so cases of animal abuse are investigated & prosecuted | In Japan, the ill-treatment of animals is not thought of as a crime. Cases of animal abuse are regularly ignored. One of the biggest reasons for this is that even if a citizen reports animal abuse, the request is usually not investigated. In the rare case legal action is taken, punishment is often never dealt out. Click for details and please SIGN and share petition…

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REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE! Call your local police, animal control or humane society - it only takes a minute and can save lives of those who are suffering!!!!!

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CetaceanExploitation on

People who abuse animals are the only people who bring out the hate in me I try to contain.

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Cowardly humans: I don't get why so many people are afraid to report animal abuse. It can be done anonymously so there is nothing to fear!!

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What To Do If You Suspect Animal Abuse

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10 Completely Insane Laws Involving Animals Id call the police on them and Id take the dog in and take care of him.

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