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seems to be in the news a lot lately, people leaving the party because it is so polarized and intolerant

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Arthur Jones, Illinois Republican candidate for office Idiots like this are exactly why I created this board!

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I used to be registered as a Republican, then the far right conservatives changed my voter registration to Democrat. However, I try to research any party candidate. Let's Get Real

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When you know facts, Republicans run and hide. That's "run" their mouths and "hide" the truth. Great strategy.

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John Charles Fremont; 1813-1890; General who freed Missouri’s slaves shortly after Bull Run; his decision was reversed by Lincoln and Frémont was removed from his command; first candidate for president by the anti-slavery Republican party but lost the 1856 election to Buchanan.

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Truth be told... ~ I normally wouldn't allow political types of pins on this board however I decided that everyone needs to see this...Add the Govt Shut Down, Food Stamp Cuts & more! I have to apologize for the GOP because they won't!

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Funny Memes Skewering the 2016 GOP Candidates

If Republicans Don't Believe in Government Perhaps They Shoudn't Run For It - Americans Against the Republican Party

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