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The Republican Party Needs to Ditch Fox News If It Wants to Win | Mother Jones

On this day, Feb 28, 1854, the United States Republican Party is founded by anti-slavery expansion activists (ex-Whigs, ex-Free Soilers, and modernizers). It is commonly called GOP, standing for Grand Old Party. Abraham Lincoln was the country's first Republican President, whose term was 1861-1865.

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The Republican Party | LIFE Begins at Rape. Paul Ryan defended a bill he co-sponsored last year with Todd Akin and other House Republicans that bestowed "personhood" rights on fertilized embryos, which would allow states or Congress to determine the legality of abortions.

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Republican Party (United States) - Grand Old Party - A previous GOP logo, incorporating the Republican elephant

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A new study has found that Fox News is hurting the Republican Party by brainwashing millions of angry conservatives with misinformation.

The people who support the Republicans and the tea party carry a secret burden. Many know that they are one medical emergency or broken car away from ruin.

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The Republican Party Cannot Stand By And Let Obamacare Destroy This Country vs. Help Me | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

A Republican intellectual explains why the Republican Party is going to die |"The gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism."

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