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NO THEY DON'T GET IT AND THEY WON'T GET IT UNTIL IT HITS "THEIR POCKETS!!!" Only then will you hear the Loud Hypothetical Voices of The Hateful Trump Voters!!!

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The little people are going to rue the day they voted for Trump and the republican party. There isn't one program on their agenda that will benefit the little people, or anyone else for that matter. What the little people have is send us to our ruin.

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The Russian Security Team

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Trump Does NOT Want Any Investigation

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Trust Me....We're just getting started!! Yeah baby. Deal with it!

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I'm going to fight you and your Republican cronies on this issue, as well as on your attempts to cut Medicare! I'm permanently disabled and receive both SSD and Medicare. They're all thatI I have!

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I know these are strong words, but spot on. Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?”

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and for my Democratic Senators and Reps to speak up. Not lay down and have the GOP walk all over them.

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Trump delusions ... their Reality starts unfolding Jan. 20th and beyond, until he's hopefully either impeached earlier or 1-term and out of office in 2021!!

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Kathy (@PayDownTheDebt) | Twitter and no help for our young people going into huge debt trying to get a college degree

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Bernie Sanders on

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Trump Just Banned Guns At His Inauguration (He thinks they're fine in our classrooms, but not at his inauguration. ) Occupy Democrats, 12.31.16

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This is what I am afraid of...congress does not seem to have any principles or backbone anymore

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Trumps co-conspirators

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Republicans Just Took Away These Six Obamacare Benefits. They voted against our nations sick, poor, children, young adults and veterans.

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