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Yep. Hitler didn't start off saying he was going to kill millions of jews, gays, gypsies, people with birth defects and so on. No, first his political party slandered those groups, and then belittled them, then they were vilified and the citizens who were filled with hate dew nearer and nearer to Hitler. Only later did concentration camps and genocides arrive...

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How exactly is this helping? Greedy Republican puppet protecting the rich + wealthy Corporate welfare moochers!!

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i hate hillary for rigging the primaries and i hate trump for being trump,

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Vote Bernie Sanders for President! #BernieSanders2016 Are you in a closed primary election state? Change your party registration to democrat to be able to vote for #Bernie in the primary elections! #FeelTheBern #WeAreBernie #NotMeUs #BernieSanders

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Robert Reich is spot on ... the Republicans want things bad, because their style is to play on fear, insecurities and lies and blame the "socialist" Democrats!

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Truth. And yet, far too many erstwhile Republicans see liberals and/or Democrats (*not* at all the same thing, as the primary season & the DNC just clearly demonstrated) think otherwise.

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Somebody explain to me. How the PARTY who believes in SUPER DELEGATES suddenly thinks that the ELECTORAL COLLEGE IS UNFAIR?? HYPOCRITES!!

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Narro Reading of The Great Goldman Sachs-Trump Con Job Matthew JAMISON: During the 2016 Republican Primary Campaign which was one of the most immature intellectually insubstantial and vicious in the history of American politics - devoid of ideas and policies but heavy on petty playground name calling - Florida Senator Marco Rubio ripped into Donald Trump and implored his fellow Republicans:What we are dealing with here my friends is a con artist. First of all he runs on this idea that he is…

Elizabeth WARREN and Bernie SANDERS working for WE THE PEOPLE! ~ YES they are! 2016 Presidential Ticket!!!!!!

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Kelleigh Nelson - Be Wary of Bogus Trump Super PAC's | 5.17.16 |"Donald J. Trump’s authorized Super PAC is the Committee for American Sovereignty. Any others are not sanctioned by the Trump campaign. During the primary campaign and now that Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, phony Trump super PACS have popped up all over the place. Always be aware of where and to whom you’re sending your funds. Often your monies are not going to help the candidate of your choice."

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