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Republicans voted 62 times to repeal The ACA since - Jan. 19th 2011. Republicans did not have a replacement then and they do not have a replacement now. More than 70% of consumers can find health plans for $75.00 or less per month. Before the ACA, 45,000 annual deaths were associated with lack of health insurance, according to a study published by the American...

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On Jan 2nd 2017 in a closed door meeting republican congressman voted to render the Office of Congressional Ethics powerless.

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The Republicans voting to repeal Obamacare are just being fiscally responsible. All they're saying is this: If you're too poor to afford healthcare or insurance and you're selfish enough to get sick, then maybe you shouldn't keep on being alive.

NO THEY DON'T GET IT AND THEY WON'T GET IT UNTIL IT HITS "THEIR POCKETS!!!" Only then will you hear the Loud Hypothetical Voices of The Hateful Trump Voters!!!

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Hillary Clinton is now more than 2.8 million votes ahead of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, meanwhile, is losing the popular vote by a much bigger margin than any other president in history. However, the Republican will still become President because of Russian influence in the election and corruption of the republican head of the FBI who refused to investigate any Russian misconduct.

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For the first time in history Republicans voted to put a Tax Evading, Big Mouth, Womanizing, Corrupt, Lying Piece of Shit with a Naked Poll Dancing Escort Wife as President of the United States. Officially Lowering The Bar for Decency and at Ground Level.

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More Women, Voted, For trump, Then, Men ~

More Women, Voted, For trump, Then, Men ~

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For all the Stupid Trump Cult/Republican Voters who are Baby Boomers or have Aging Parents who can't survive without Medicare...or the Millions of Trump Ignorant Voters who are just getting by and use Medicaid and Food Stamps, I hope the Rotten Republican Congress you voted back in power takes you to the cleaners!!! You deserve to be "Kicked In The Ass" for voting for Trump and our Criminal GOP Congress!!

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Time will reveal All. When the Shit does hit the fan (it will) somehow it will be Obama's fault!!

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The little people are going to rue the day they voted for Trump and the republican party. There isn't one program on their agenda that will benefit the little people, or anyone else for that matter. What the little people have is send us to our ruin.

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