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..Bernie or BUST. No Faux Feminist, Fracking, Monsanto Money Republican War Hawk hillary for this 63 yr. old STAUNCH Feminist since 1967. hillary brutally betrayed all women playing the Rich White Power Man's Game of Blame & Shame 20 Women ACCUSING bill clinton of Rape & sexual assault. While working as a MCSW 4 The Feds in 91-99, I WATCHED hillary LIE on National TV blaming bill's victims. She repeatedly SILENCED his accusers. TOO MANY WOMEN TO DENY.


Shedding a tear for America and the world. #apocalypse #uselection #uselections #apocalypsenow #uselections2016 #ww3 #usa #trump #politics #america #newyork #clinton #donaldtrump #vote #democrat #democrats #hillary #president #republican #republicans #corruption #endoftheworld #endoftheworldasweknowit

These are people who are "Putting Country First" before a party that has clearly lost its way. Putting Country First is what True Americans do. Voting for Trump who has done nothing but Fan The "Flames Of Hate" is as Unpatriotic as you can be. #Hillary

from The Atlantic

The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton vie for the presidency, as Republicans and Democrats battle for control of Congress.

...that is PROUD of America and believes in American Execellence. I WANT a Pres. who puts us First, supports our troops,KEEPS US SAFE and BELIEVES IN OUR CONSTITUTION! AN OBAMA FAIL--10/2014

from HUMAN

I'm Still With Her White Print | Tee

The republicans may have won and Donald may be in the White House for the next four years but I'm still with her! Show off your undying support for Hillary Clinton and everything her campaign stood for with this pro-Hillary shirt!


Donald Trump could start a nuclear war, says former Republican senator who is voting for Hillary Clinton #donald #trump #could #start…