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DIY Glowing Wood Resin Jewelry tutorial Tutoriel pour la fabrication de bijoux en bois et résine; Hout en hars sieraden. Resina joyas

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The Easiest Way to Make Resin Jewelry

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How to Make Pressed Flower Resin Jewelry (The Beading Gem's Journal)

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FurnityurMolds: BIG Tutorial. Jewelries with dandelion, glass and seashells. Epoxy resin and molds. DIY

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How to Make Snowflake Resin Jewelry Tutorial ~ The Beading Gem's ...

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How To Make Resin Jewelry Tutorials

Suspended in crystal clear resin birds fly, stars are born, women dance and universes take eternal pause. Swirling colors freeze in whirling time, sparkles are captured, and the body becomes more than a vehicle from one place to another, it becomes...

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How to Make Resin Bracelets | ... Hemmila of Hint Jewelry: Free Jewelry Making Tutorial: Resin Jewelry

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In this tutorial, you will learn about basic resin casting - the types of resins, how to measure them and how to work with them. You will also learn about different types of molds and how to mix th...

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Resin Jewelry Making in 5 Simple Steps

Resin 101: Choosing a Resin and the 5 Basic Resin Jewelry-Making Steps - Jewelry Making Daily

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The Easiest Way to Make Resin Jewelry

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Free Tutorial Video: How to Make Resin Jewelry Using Bezels

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Learn how to prepare organics to add into Nunn Design 2-Part Resin with these helpful tips. Visit the blog for a full tutorial:

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8 Easy Steps for Making Resin Jewelry

8 Easy Steps for Making Resin Jewelry

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A blog about resin, resin jewelry, resin crafts, mold making, silicone rubber, silicone putty and more.

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If you are looking to be inspired about where to take your resin jewelry making skills, this post is meant to push you forward. In this week’s line-up I have selected several artists that I find to be very inspiring. It makes me want to comb the beach for beach glass ...

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(THAT GIRL WHO) Perfected Resin Fruit Jewelry – Day One

Resin Real Fruit Jewelry- Detailed tutorial about a DIY dehydrated fruit necklace pendant! This would make an AMAZING end of the year teacher present! Sells the necklaces on her etsy site too

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What I wish I would have known about making things with resin before I got started

Resin Obsession blog: Things I wish I had known before I started making things with resin

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