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Math Curse Activity Pack - Free Book Activities

Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith (with free printable lesson plans to go along with the book.) @mathgeekmama

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Wedding bands.

On his neck was a simple gold chain, strung through several wedding bands that jangled as he walked.

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Middle School Math Man: The Math Curse! Plus free activity

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The Greenbloods.

Talking to the Greenbloods was a tedious business, and Dakota would have much rather been doing anything else than that. Unfortunately, being the distractor, he was often paired with the dull part of the job.

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Math Curse by Jon Scieszka. Narrated by Michelle Trachtenberg. Great video for a great book! Math is everywhere!

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Good for explaining why math is important/why it is important we meet our math big goal

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Best Picture Books That Teach Math Concepts

Many students will be able to understand mathematics concepts through literature! Here are some really good choices to use to integrate LA with Math.

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Do you need a FREE resource to help your students conduct their own survey and create their own graph? Then, follow the link and be sure to become a follower of my store for other great resources and leave feedback on this freebie while you are there!

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800 word maximum - share your flash fiction, short stories, and poetry with new…

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My students LOVED this treasure hunt when we were working on Pythagorean Theorem. Read what we did in the post.

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