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“Mediocrity will never do. You are capable of something better. Give it your very best. Make it happen. Walk the high road of charity, respect, and love for others and particularly those who are less fortunate. Be happy. Look for the sunlight in life. Reach for the stars.” From #PresHinckley’s; message

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World of Proverbs - Famous Quotes: When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us. ~ Native American Proverb, Arapaho [19461]

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Respect & Discipline begin at home, when your child is disrespectful not only does it show the brat in them, but it shows what an asshole you are.

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I have always shipped Kirito and Asuna. It frustrates me whenever I see someone who ships him with sinon because he and asuna have been through way more together and Sinon doesn't respect their love for each other. Asuna killed herself for kirito and they would practically do anything for each other. It blows my mind anyone could not love the asuna x kirito ship.

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Exactly. A sign of intelligence is the willingness to entertain other people's perspectives without fear of losing your own. A strong mind need not fear, manipulation, conversion or even disrespect. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, we can respect the p

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19 Charts That Will Help You Be An Actual Adult

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Garner respect for yourself and for others before accepting love. Respect comes before love.

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Housework... I have been paid to do this for other people. I am also an artist, and many other things. It has always bugged me that "housework" is seen to to be demeaning.../amf.

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For real tho, some fake ass fans bash and insult and under appreciate him like shit he doesn't deserve that he deserves love and respect

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Daily Quotation for August 4, 2013 #quote #quoteoftheday Follow the three R's: Respect for self, Respect for others, and Responsibility for all your actions. - Dalai Lama

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