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The Bad and Ugly of Retro Food. Is that shrimp in the Jello???!! Wait... I think I see some goldfish. My kids are going to love this. Think I will serve it with some Kool Aid and Spam.

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10 Regrettable Retro Food Recipes

Pie Plate Salad | 10 Regrettable Retro Food Recipes. Canned Veg-all AND Jello!!! It doesn't get any ____________er than that

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Love the souffle-esque tops on these super easy to make Egg Nests. OH BOY! RAW EGGS!!!

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I love how upbeat and happy all the vintage food ads are. This one is for toast, for Pete's sake!

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Meat Loaf Train (100 Ways to be Original in All Your Cooking, 1964) For a more apt description, double click on the picture.

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Retro recipes updated

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