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Aceita que dói menos

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TtT Step 2 (Continued) after working in the rebellion for the revolution and this was due to Trujillo's men. Falling action- When Dede goes to pick up her sister reality hits her that her sisters are gone and aren't coming back and that's something she'll have to deal with for the rest of her life. Resolution- The Mirabel sister stories finally came out due to their sister Dede who told every detail of the sisters lives.

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We would have already have had at least 2 hearings by now if the shoe was on the other foot.

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KingPinner BobbyGinnings

Story of the World video links. Very well-organized by book and chapter in SOTW, with the videos imbedded onto the page (i.e. no second page click to go to YouTube). Most of the clips are just a few minutes long too, so good for a quick reference.

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The Moabite Stone- inscribed is the tetragrammaton - which translates YHWH or Yahweh, meaning Jehovah. - Louvre Museum, Paris

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This Simple Poster Can Help Protect Kids From Sexual Abuse

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food for thought:

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On the Brink of a Revolt?: Leave Gun Control to the Government, they know wha...

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conny cernik poetry „In Revolt“ by Conny Cernik available on iTunes,,

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Not the majority--the majority voted against Trump. He is President elect because of the way the electoral vote is set up. A vote from Wyoming is worth 4x more than a vote from California

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Funny Pictures You're Going To Love

40 Funny Pictures You’re Going To Love

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Trump for your daughters (or a part of them, anyway) and all conservatives for your reproductive rights.

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a pessoa não precisa ter muita coisa não. só vergonha na cara já é suficiente

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