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Revolution 2

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How the French Revolution Worked

The French Revolution (1789–1799), was a period of radical social and political upheaval in France that had a lasting impact on French history and more broadly throughout the world. #apeurogpnpin


Detail from a Russian May Day Poster, 1930. "Proletariats! Frustrate the imperialists' preparations for the war! On the 1st of May, tighten up the ranks in the fight for the Soviet Union and proletarian world revolution!"

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How the Daughters of the American Revolution Works

Founders and chapter members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. First Continental Congress, 1892.


Original Eli Whitney Cotton Gin Lot includes original bill of sale, newspaper article documenting the sale and photo of cotton gin with log house where it was used. Also included is an old photo of Cotton gin with Georgia dignataries, including the Governor, a Senator, buyer and seller. A portrait of Eli Whitney, tools used by Whitney while working on the machine, and other interesting artifacts related to this cotton gin accompany