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Excuse me! Les Miserables is not the French Revolution. It is the June Rebellion of 1832. (A small stage of the French Revolution that achieved almost nothing)

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Years ago, I decided that Buddhism's "beliefs" were similar to my own so I began practicing it. I DO NOT hate anyone. I DO "pray" that everyone achieves enlightenment. Even those people who hate me or wish me harm. I am a pacifist but I love and support our soldiers. I believe in compassion for every living being. Yeah, that means you too. I believe in a Creator but one that has given us the power of wonder not one who would stifle us with dogma. I am far more than you will ever see.

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Suck it up Buttercup. Trump Won. He is the MAIN MAN. He is the NEW BOSS. She lost in disgrace. Oh yeah TRUMP WON. LOL! First Amendment Rights. Did I mention: TRUMP WON!

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astrons: “ seeing some irritating people today. here’s something i drew after i got to see the show in june. i’m selling it at my shop and all profits will be donated to the ACLU. ”

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This is a bingo review game that covers topics related to the causes of the American Revolution. It is a great tool to use before a test or to check for understanding during an instructional unit on the causes of the Revolutionary War. Included in this download is an instruction page for the teacher, a blank bingo board (with directions) for students, and a question/answer key for the teacher.

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The statue is made from 80,000 keys and says Revolution (It's a symbol of Czech Velvet Revolution when thousands of people went to streets jingeling with their keys to stand up against communism)

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