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Arduino RFID Door Lock #arduino ~~~ For more cool Arduino stuff check out


Arduino Controlled Lock Box with Solenoid and RFID

The RFID Lock Box combines Arduino, RFID and a Solenoid to make your very own personal safe! The Lock Box will only open to Key Cards that you've programmed into the system, locking everyone else out!This guide will show you how setup the electronics for and assemble your RFIDuino Lock Box. You will start of by setting up and programming the Geekduino microcontroller. You will then be able to test your electronics, and then move onto assembling your Lock Box Kit.

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Details about Adeept RFID Starter Kit for Arduino MEGA 2560 with Ardublock Book Processing


RFID cat door

This is a cat door/flap that can only be opened by the animal that wears the appropriate RFID tag. Arduino controls the process. It features a custom made antenna large enough to function as a gate, which makes it easy for the animal to activate and quite reliable. Some methods and techniques are borrowed from my previous project, the RFID cat feeder. Whereas the feeder controls access to a food bowl, the door controls access to an entire room. The latest code can also distinguish between…

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RFID Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

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