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Drake, rihanna, and love image

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Rihanna and Drake..Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how cute these two are together?!♡

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"Aubrih" is Rihanna/Drake's relationship nickname and I am completely in love k goodnight by bitchpose

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Rihanna and Drake

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This edit tho #drake #Rihanna #obsessed

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Rihanna and Drake …

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Depois de um Chris Brown na vida sempre há um Drake

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Only person I want him with if its not me lmaoo

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Watch Rihanna And Drake Dance Up On Each Other In Miami

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8 Reasons Why Rihanna & Drake Could Be the Next Beyonc� & Jay Z

8 Reasons Why Rihanna and Drake Could Be the Next Beyoncé and Jay Z | E! News

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