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Infographic: Understanding the rhino wars

MNN.COM›Earth Matters› Animals Infographic: Understanding the rhino wars When rhinos rebounded from the brink of extinction last century, it was a historic, hard-fought victory for conservationists around the world. But now, within just five years, the global rhino wars have suddenly returned -- along with a few 21st-century twists

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Infographic the journey of a rhino horn

Every Last Rhino Could Be Gone In 10 Years

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This infographic, created by, shows the dangers that rhinos face around the world. Out in the wild, rhinos have no real predators. Even tigers and lions stay the hell away from them. Their imposing physique coupled with the fact that they can go completely ballistic when provoked has taught other animals to avoid them.

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Photo of Wildlife Reserve Worker Weeping Next to Poached Rhino Shows the Impact of Our Greed

Powerful Picture of a Wildlife Reserve Worker Weeping Next to Poached Rhino Sheds Light on the Fierce Battle to Save These Animals

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AWF – Check out the Rhino!

There are just 4,240 black #rhinos left in the world. Photo credit: Federico Veronesi/

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The week in wildlife – in pictures

When will we stop this? The white rhino. Killed by poachers for its horn and fuelled by demand from Vietnam, rhino poaching in South Africa shows no signs of abating, with a record 341 killed there this year to date

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Rhino calf & mother By Official San Diego Zoo - probably one of the few places where they will be seen if the current trend of rhino poaching in South Africa keeps going on. The rhino will be wiped out in less than 10 years at the current rate!!!!

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