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Number Formation Rhymes

I’m excited to share with you my Number Formation Rhymes! I’ve been teaching my little ones how to write numbers and wanted some rhymes to help them remember the formations. I found these rhymes and decided to make my own posters for our school room. These rhymes are a great way for little ones remember …


Ok, this is what I thought could be lame, but I really just LOVE nursery rhymes. If people know them like I do, this may not be a fun game. But if people would find this challenging, it could be fun.


"You have a great gift for rhyme." "No more rhyming, I mean it!" "Anybody want a peanut?" XD


Apropos Syllabification: ap•ro•pos Pronunciation: aprəˈpō preposition Definition in English: 1. with reference to; concerning. "she remarked apropos of the initiative, “It's not going to stop the abuse.”" synonyms: with reference to, with regard to, with respect to, regarding, concerning, on the subject of, connected with, about, re "he was asked a question apropos his resignation" adverb…

Poetry Anchor chart - okay @Jaimie Wood --- love this --- and we could add the terms we need --- yes, i know, it's just a list, but i really never thought about stuff like this!