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Beat Strips for Rhythmic Notation and Dictation

This is a great instructional manipulative that your students can use for notation and dictation. Using a beat strip in either or meter, students can

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Bucket Drumming 102

Introduce your kiddies to the world of bucket drumming with this continuing introduction kit! This file includes 200 pages of rhythms and activit...

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5th grade lesson- Kalimba, African song, teaching form, rhythmic patterns, students performing, improv. (Video called Fifth Grade Lesson, part 1) part 2 is easy to find when you go to the video

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Download this gallery of Lego blocks with rhythms that correspond to the Lego length to be used for rhythm writing/reading! Also included are Lego time signatures and rhythmic pattern templates in 4/5, 3/4 and 2/4.

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Bucket Drumming 101

Introduce your kiddies to the world of bucket drumming with this introduction kit! This file includes 152 pages of rhythms and activities to get your students moving! This introductory file uses quarter notes, quarter rests, and paired eighth notes to create simple 4 beat rhythmic patterns.Three files are included with this kit:*** Bucket Drumming 101 File ***Includes 8 basic rhythms using quarter notes, quarter rests, and paired eighth notes.

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Your students will love watching the fireflies fly into the jar when they listen to a eighth note rhythmic pattern and then choose the correct answer! They will not want this student interactive PowerPoint to end! A fun resource for the Orff and Kodaly music room!

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ta ti ti movie. Another rhythm movie clip for practising reading! This time I have the same rhythmic pattern appearing every second frame - Rondo Form. I have coloured this one purple to make it easier to structure activities around the clip. For example, one group/individual can perform the purple rhythm, another the others; use different instruments; improvise melodies on the white rhythms... Have fun, and I hope that this movie makes learning and practising music even more interesting!

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