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Roger Williams, the founder of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Holding strong beliefs in civic and religious liberty, RI was the first organized colony in America to be founded on the principles of freedom of thought and worship.


The ride out ~ "The most unique thing I ever had to pack out of the back country was Dennis and Karen Knippel's pup that had followed us in and was so tired and his feet were so sore he couldn't walk back out. So I loaded him on my calmest mule, Robert, balanced the load with rocks and he rode the full eight miles out like that."


Industrial Revolution, Focus on Women and Children: Short Video with musical background and text overlay to read aloud C2 W13


Robert Rauschenberg: self portrait. The Museum of the Gulf Coast, in Port Arthur, Texas (Rauschenberg's home town), has a permanent exhibition of Rauschenberg works.

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