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Richard III directed by Tim Carroll, Johnny Flynn as Lady Anne, Mark Rylance as Richard III...takes a great talented man to play Lady Anne...Johnny

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Richard III by William Shakespeare Evil! I so enjoyed teaching Shakespeare to high school students... miss some of those days...

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A study of King Richard III’s bones uncovered 11 injuries inflicted near the time of death by common Late Medieval weapons.

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King Henry III Family Tree | ... to Shakespeare’s Kings from King Richard II to Richard III

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Richard III review: Ralph Fiennes brings all his suave charm to Shakespeare's schemer ★★★★

William Shakespeare, Richard II, Act III Scene II

Edward & Richard ~ the 'Princes in the Tower'. These two boys were, in fact Edward V (uncrowned king of England) and his younger brother Richard, the only two surviving sons of the late Edward IV. History (and the Tudors) tell us that the boys were murdered some time after 1483 while resident in the Tower of London, and give the likely culprit as their uncle, King Richard III. Historians continue to debate the issue; I point the finger at Henry VII! From Rob. Totally agree.

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Richard III (of Shakespeare fame) Killed on Aug 22, 1485, in the battle of Bosworth Field, Leicestershire, by Henry VII. In 2012 he was found under a parking lot in what was once Greyfriars, Leicester Church. Richard III was my 5th cousin 14x removed.

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