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Rick Rescorla during the Battle of Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam. Rescorla survived Vietnam and was killed on 9/11 at the WTC in NYC, having led hundreds of people to safety, when he continued his search for survivors when the Towers collapsed.


USN Operation GAME WARDEN begins its fifth year of activity..... My brother-in-law was in the USN & served on the river patrol. It must have been more horrible than we could believe. He never speaks of the events that he witnessed.


Rick Rescorla: The Hero Who Saved 2,700 Lives on 9/11 - he began the orderly evacuation of Morgan Stanley's 2,700 employees on twenty floors of World Trade Center Tower 2, and 1,000 employees in WTC 5.


Richard "Rick" Rescorla, (Director of Security for Morgan Stanley in 2001) a hero of 9/11 who gave his life to save many.


Rick Rescorla: American Hero of Vietnam and 9/11

Rick Rescorla: American Hero of Vietnam and 9/11 #MemorialDay #honoringourheroes


Lt. Colonel Hal Moore: Our Father in Heaven, before we go into battle, every soldier among us will approach you each in his own way. Our enemies too, according to their own understanding, will ask for protection and for victory. And so, we bow before your infinite wisdom. We offer our prayers as best we can. ... Amen. Oh, yes, and one more thing, dear Lord, about our enemies, ignore their heathen prayers and help us blow those little bastards straight to Hell. Amen. (11/16/13)