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Gov. Rick Snyder, still poisoning people in Flint, Michigan. A man of no action, he's done virtually nothing to rectify the situation. At the least, he could deliver fresh water to people's homes, but he only did that for General Motors.

from Forbes

Michigan Curbs Pension Tax Breaks For Retirees

Gov Snyder clearly is a toool of the rich and powerful, and too stupid to be ashamed of himself. When are the people of Michigan going to insist he be arrested for the knowing and willful poisoning of thousands of children? Why is he not already under arrest? where are all the people who supposedly are so concerned about children's lives?


Bernie Sanders Calls For Federal Criminal Investigation Into Rick Snyder For Poisoning Flint | Politicus USA - Feb. 5, 2016

from the Guardian

Bottled water must be delivered to Flint residents in lead crisis, judge rules

Flint resident Lisia Williams shouts as Governor Rick Snyder answers questions from US representatives during a hearing about the Flint water crisis in March.

Snyder: 14 companies to invest $1.1 billion, add 4,590 jobs in state. Now that the state is doing so good why not give the tax surplus back to the tax payers?