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Expanding Medicaid for a Better Michigan. If Michigan is not responsible for this program than who is? Oh the Federal government, and who funds the Federal government our federal taxes dollars don't they. Wake up Mich. say no to Snyder.

The Flint disaster is Rick Snyder’s fault

Michigan's Rick Snyder signs welfare drug-testing bills

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation Friday that creates a drug-testing program for adult welfare recipients who are suspected of using drugs.

Snyder asks Obama to declare federal emergency for Flint water

Gov. Rick Snyder has asked President Barack Obama to declare a federal emergency in response to Flint's water crisis.

Our Criminal Republican Congress protected Michigan's GOP Gov. Rick Snyder from being prosecuted for Poisoning Low Income Families. Rotten Republicans


Urgent!! The Wolf hunt in Michigan may be on again even though the voters rejected it twice in 2014 and the courts upheld this vote. Please sign this petition urging Gov. Rick Snyder to VETO SB 1187 which allows wolf hunting and trapping in MI. Additionally, this bill transfers authority to an...


Gov. Rick Snyder seeks federal waiver to expand Medicaid services in Flint to people under age 21, pregnant women

Rachel Maddow reports on the poisoning of Flint, Michigan residents when their water supply was switched, and shows explicitly how responsibility for the tragedy falls to Governor Rick Snyder and his radical, anti-democratic policies.