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Thank the lord! He lived! And I hate you Uncle Rick! Just leave Percabeth, Leo, Nico,Hazel, piper, hedge, Mellie, and everyone else alone!!!

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Man Rick is the best artist ever! I could never draw something that good. Just so you people know I'm not kidding<<why tf is it blue??

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Rick Riordan is the reason I get up in the morning. LOL Rowling is better than everyone!!!

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When I see tweets like these, I honestly think Steven Moffat and Rick Riordan would be friends. <--- I KNOW! What if they got together and made a series of books/movies/TV show? I mean, IMAGINE THE FEELS!!!

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The mark of athena - rick riordan John Green had to make an appearance, right? I feel so good for actually not only noticing but also remembering something as little as this! It's cause it made me laugh I think.

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