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Ridges On Toenails

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What Bits to Start With

What Bits to Start With - Technique - NAILS Magazine [Prepper Bit This slim, flat-topped diamond bit is so smooth it can be used on the natural nails — with caution — to prep the nails and smooth ridges on the nails and toenails.]

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How to Clear Up Dark Toenails

How to Whiten Toenails - 1 TBSP hydrogen peroxide with 2-1/2 TBSP baking soda to form a pasty solution. Place on top of and underneath nails; let sit for 3 minutes, gently buff with a toothbrush, rinse, voila whiter nails on top and beneath nail ridge. (Alternate finds: Denture tablets in a foot soak, or Whitening toothpastes scrubbed onto nails gently)

Zeva Nail Buffing File Replacement Set. Includes #1 Cleaning File, #2 Smoothing File and #3 Finishing File. by Zeva Natural Nails. $18.00. Professional-grade nail buffing file. Easy-to-use and clean. Designed to remove ridges and stains on your nail surface. Works on fingernails and toenails. Created to last for many manicures. Each of the Zeva's Austrian Crystal Buffing Files is constructed very carefully. These are professional grade buffing files as opposed to re...

Germ-free toenails What you need: Nail cutter, nail filer, some lotion and nail paint. Procedure: Taking care of your toenails is essential because they tend to accumulate bacteria. Grab a nail cutter and clip away your nails. Clean the ridges between your toes as dirt tends to gather there. Grab a filer and shape your nails. Apply some nail polish, slather on some lotion and you are good to go. Smart tip: Follow this process every fortnight to keep your toe nails germ-free

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How to Fix Yellow Toenails

What Do Ridges in Toenails Mean?

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Curing Deep Vertical Ridges in Fingernails and Toenails - Yahoo Voices -

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