Rihanna songs 2014

Rihanna and Drake. You'd actually think they were in love. Damn she serious. He just wants to care for you.. dange let em!

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Rihanna - Diamonds I think this song is dystopic. I usually find Rihanna song utopic but for this I found this song dystopic because the way Rihanna says shine bright like a diamond. After I heared this song a lot I really hated this song. The beat in this song is pretty good Also why is there a horse in the music video?

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Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna - A perfect example of dysfunctional love #dysfunctionallove

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Top Wedding Songs 2013 List | Most popular Wedding Reception Music 2013 — New Songs 2013 List Latest Movies

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Rihanna is my favorite singer. She is so beautiful and at my dance class we dance on lots of music but we all love to dance on Rihanna's songs.

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I know your only sorry you got caught, but you put on quite a show you really had me going that was quite a show curtains finally closing go on and take a bow. (great song)

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