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The U. S. Cavalry Museum is located in Fort Riley's historic main post district. Originally constructed in 1855 for use as a hospital, the building was remodeled and became headquarters to the Cavalry and Light Artillery School in 1890.


"I see one more display of testosterone poisoning, and I'll personally put you both in the hospital. Anybody think I'm exaggerating?"


PHOTO TOUR: Riley Hospital for Children | Healthcare Design --- The heart center flexes to meet patient needs (i.e., more room for CICU, cardiac medical/surgical, PICU—all based on need). Photo: Susan Fleck


Introducing the Riley Charm! A portion of all sales will benefit the Child Life Program at Riley Hospital for Children. Due to the fact that this is benefitting Riley Hospital, all sales on this product are final. Standard delivery time is 7-10 business days for in stock orders and 30 days for out of stock orders.


“They say that you should wake any day now, Jessie. Now that the surgeries are over, and the last of the wires and things have been removed. Even your flesh and muscles are healing, but... you still won't wake. Why is that Jessie? Is there something that they're missing?”


So let's say Lucas learns that Maya is dying in the hospital from a car accident and he starts to cry from devastation. He then breaks into a run, and runs to the nearest cab and jumps in he has the cab take him to Maya apartment, where, with tears in his eyes, he finds the golden locket she loves that Riley gave her and the blanket he gave her on New Years at the party they were at when she was cold. He then has the cab take him to the hospital, where he practically sprints to Maya's room…