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If You Could See Me Now – The Script

Encouraging #Quotes, #Grief, #Bereavement Walker Funeral Home Cincinnati, OH


RIP Dad. I miss you. I didnt get to say goodbye but I will get to say hello again one day.


Dad ♥ R.I.P. Miss you so much!!! Wish you were here to be with your grandkids, to teach Angelo how to be a man. And to kick Rey's ass for being such a piece of shit father! I pray to God my son will be a better dad than his own. I pray he'll be more like you dad! One who takes care of his own.


For Mom & Dad, I've felt this way so many times since you've been gone,. Then I realized that I do see you for seconds... all the time. In Merrin's eyes... In Mariah's smile... In Becca's compassion ... In Vicki's expressions... you are within all of us. Most especially, you are the voice inside my head that continues to guide me. Love you!


Not a day passes by, Dad that you don’t cross my mind. Not all of you departed when you left our earth behind. In my heart there is a place that only you can hold. Filled with loving memories more priceless than gold. I know you still hear me Dad so please know this is true that everything I am today is all because of YOU. Toni Kane – FREE TO SHARE – In Loving Memory Cards For Dad On Facebook