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River Phoenix Girlfriend

"I feel blessed to have worked with him and to have known him. He challenged me as an actress; he was always surprising and startlingly honest. He was an all too fleeting presence in my life, a beautiful young man who will always be in my heart." ~Samantha Mathis, River Phoenix's girlfriend and co-star in The Thing Called Life

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At his first and only Oscars, Best Supporting Actor nominee (for Running on Empty) River Phoenix, who died four years later, attends the show in 1989 with girlfriend Martha Plimpton.

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"Reencontré el alma, conocí el amor y tambien el sabor amargo de una triste canción. Aprendí de la derrota a saber levantarme y que hay otros corazones dispuestos a ayudarme. y así sigo en el camino generando melodías uniendo letras y frases que desgranen mi destino" (The thing called love)River Phoenix♥

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In 1991, he made Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho, with River Phoenix, and you can still feel his pride in it. “It’s a beautiful film,” he (Keanu Reeves) says. “And lonely. The way he ends up in the street. His shoes. A stranger picking him up.”

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“He was always giving me advice about every aspect of my life—about girlfriends before I was married and then my marriage. He would take a fatherly attitude toward me. I think he did that with a lot of people.”

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River Phoenix and Suzanne Solgot, photographed at his Florida home by Bruce Weber.

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River Phoenix & Samantha Mathis. Samantha was RIver's girlfriedn and was with him at the Viper Room the night he died.

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