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50 IV Therapy Tips and Tricks: How to Hit the Vein in One Shot

Working on nailing down you IV skills? Repin these interesting facts from @nurselabs and let us know what you think! We thought was pretty neat.

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How To Get Organized For Nursing School

Some things to think about when going into nursing school is how to get yourself organized. Whether this is your first or your last semester in nursing school, you know how crazy our schedules can get so it is really important for you to get organized and stay on top of things. Hey, lets get started! Let's talk about how get organized for LECTURE and CLINICAL! And then we can discuss how to get organized for both. Please be mindful that anything tips suggested are just advice. People…

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Common Medication Endings You Need to Know in Nursing School. Click through for your FREE printable resource library. Print it out and take it with you to clinical like a boss!

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My Nursing Journal: Why You Should Start One

My nursing journey is so full of experiences that at times, it is difficult for me to remember every single aspect of it. Everyday, I learn something new and in order for me to reinforce it, I write it down. I've been journaling about nursing and my experiences about 1 year into nursing school and I am so happy that I started such a habit. Not only do you get to keep track of your experiences, but you also monitor your progress. You can read back and see how you've bloomed into what yo...

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Portacaths are devices used to deliver intravenous (IV) medications into the bloodstream and to draw blood for laboratory testing. A portacath, or “port,” is a type of venous access device that provides continuous access to a large blood vessel (vein) in the body. The term comes from a...

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Use a Syllabus (the right way): 4 Tips Most Students Miss

Using a syllabus the right way. Be sure to check out this study skill before heading back to school this fall!

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