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Researchers unlock another piece of the RNA sequencing puzzle.

Now, a study from researchers at Rockefeller University and Columbia University has identified a protein that recognizes a chemical instruction tag affixed to an RNA sequence, an important step in the decision-making process. The team state that their findings help to explain how the destiny of an RNA sequence is achieved. The opensource study is published in the journal Cell.


Scientists have for the first time sequenced an ancient RNA genome – of a barley virus once believed to be only 150 years old – pushing its ...

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RNA double helix structure identified using synchrotron light

Some RNA sequences have the ability to form a double helix, much like DNA. Scientists have recently successfully crystallized a short RNA sequence and used data to confirm the hypothesis of a poly (rA) double-helix.

CLUE: A bacterial cell structure and function. RIBOSOMES read messenger RNA and amino acids are assembled into a complete protein chain based based on the RNA sequence i the ribosomes. (1.1)

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CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing complex from Streptococcus pyogenes. The Cas9 nuclease protein uses a guide RNA sequence to cut DNA at a complementary site. Cas9 protein: white surface model. DNA fragments: blue ladder cartoon. RNA: red ladder cartoon.

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Using Transcription and Translation for Amphibian Characteristics Part 2

This must be used in conjunction with the RNA sequence in part 1. ...#Biology#Genetics


FunPat – function-based pattern analysis on RNA-seq time series data - Dynamic expression data, nowadays obtained using high-throughput RNA sequencing, are essential to monitor transient gene expression changes and to study the dynamics of their transcriptional activity in the cell or response to stimuli. Several methods for data selection, clustering and functional analysis are available; however, these...